Riguccio and Duse Cristianini
In 1919 our grandfather Riguccio, with two other partners, founded the company which today has become Cristianini S.r.l. At that time the company specialized in elegant afternoon hats for women who never thought of going for a stroll in town or a carriage ride to Florence without an appropriate hat, considered an absolutely fundamental item of apparel.
Tools of the trade

After the Second World War the original partners retired, and our father Livio entered the business which he ran with the aid of his wife Giuseppina. During the 1960's they turned their attention to the bridal sector, specializing in hats, veils and floral ornaments. This work continues now that we, Alberto and Roberto, Livio's sons, have also entered the business. Today the new bridal collections are created with the same spirit of good taste and excellent craftsmanship which have always been a hallmark of the company.
A few of our hat forms
Quality fabrics such as satin, crÍpe, silks and laces are patiently assembled with needle and thread by the expert hands of specialized seamstresses and milliners.

Today's market aims at quality and our current collections include veils with rich lace borders and embroidery, as well as hand-made artificial flowers and other ornaments, in addition to hats for brides and other members of the wedding party. Each season's collection also includes styles for elegant occasions, with particular attention to the materials and colors of current fashion trends.

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